The Lindis – Omarama

Omarama, New Zealand, From £1432


Nestled deep in the pristine Ahuriri Valley, in New Zealand’s South Island, you will find The Lindis. This luxury lodge has been lovingly created for you to unwind and relax in, while also taking in the surrounding idyllic setting. In an ever-changing and fast paced world The Lindis hopes to give you the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the stillness of nature in modern luxury; all while enjoying Kiwi hospitality at its best.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Warmth

Mountains might surround you, but trust us, you will never have felt cosier than when staying at the Lindis. Inside, wooden panels meet fluffy blankets and sleek golden furnishings to create a space of complete warmth and invitation. Curl up in an armchair or under a fur rug and feel relaxed.

The Blend

The clever architectural elements of the building allow an effortless blend between the human-made structure of the hotel and the stunning surrounding environment. Curved woodwork that replicates the mountainous landscape creates its own kind of statement, one that doesn't use sharp angles or bold colours but one that is just as impactful.

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