The Mirror Houses – South Tyrol

Bolzano, Italy, From £189


The Mirror Houses are set in the marvellous South Tyrolean Dolomites, surrounded by long lines of apple trees. They were designed by architects Peter Pichler, whose projects focus on integrating architecture into the natural environment. The reflective exterior showcases the dramatic scenery that encases the Mirror Houses, sparkling when the sky is blue and almost disappearing as the sun sets.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The mirrors

Oh the mirrors. Look at the houses on one side and you'll see two modern holiday homes with floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing their slick interior. Look at the houses on the other side and you'll be completely captivated by the reflective glass covering the walls. The houses look something straight out of a sci-fi movie - the mirrors seamlessly reflect the beautiful landscape, the views are nature intended.

The films

Watch the music video for Giovanni Caccamo and Deborah Iurato’s song ‘Via da qui’ and you might recognise the setting. It was shot in and around the Mirror Houses. These stars aren't only ones to have used these buildings as a backdrop. Italian rapper Vici Mayers shot his music video here too.

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