The Rooms Palazzo Rhinoceros – Rome

Rome, Italy, From £228


The Rooms of Rome is where art and architecture have no boundaries. The 24 apartments are conceived by the Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti and have been designed and furnished by the great architect Jean Nouvel. The Spanish successful entrepreneur Kike Sarasola has been entrusted with the management of the apartments and the gallery restaurant.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

A rhinoceros?

By name, Palazzo Rhinoceros harks back to the power and might of the Roman Empire. The rejuvenated building is located, after all, at the heart of the ancient city. Inside feels more fluid. Lauded French architect Jean Nouvel designed the apartments to depict the passage of time, Roman history, modernity and a never-ending construction. Exposed ancient walls are contrasted by Scandi furniture and metal finishings. Leaving the impression that numerous epoques have melted into one.

Art foundation

While this is a place to stay, it’s also a tribute to the art of the city. Ascend to the top floors and discover a world of art and creativity. It’s part exhibition space. Part performance area. Part ‘where anything goes’. Keep an open mind and enjoy.

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