The Wonderinn – Hektner

Hektner, Norway, From £264


Immerse yourself in the wilderness but remain comfortably in reach of civilization when you stay here. The WonderINN is a hidden gem of a holiday home. With its own unique design of mirrored glass, which blends beautifully into the landscape and interiors filled with plush furnishings, this is the perfect place to retreat in comfort and luxury as you watch the world pass by.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Windows

The whopping floor-to-ceiling glass-mirror walls, which are used for three out of the house’s four sides, do so much more than just bring natural light into the space. Because of their size and the incredible scenery which sits on the other side of them, the beautiful natural surroundings really become a part of your living environment. Snow or sunshine let it all in and enjoy being with nature when you stay here.

The Contrast

Because of the house’s steel structure and glass walls you might be worried that the whole place will feel a little bit cold, well, have no fear. The house’s interior has been carefully designed to cleverly contrast the exterior and introduce warmth. The soft wooden interiors, gentle colour palette and plush furnishings all ensure this place is super cosy and inviting.

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