The Yays, Crane Apartment – Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands, From £612


The Yays - Crane Apartment is the ultimate experience for those interested in history, exclusivity and privacy. This 1957 industrial Figee crane, an icon for the history of the city, was thoroughly renovated and transformed into a luxury three storey apartment.

Located on the dynamic KNSM Island, The Yays - Crane Apartment was quite literal the bridge between the Netherlands and the rest of the world after WWII. Enjoy a fantastic view over the IJ river from the comfort of the most beautiful bed in Amsterdam. Get access to your very own Yays bicycle and a range of exclusive services and an experience you will never forget. As the last operator of Figee Crane 2868 said: 'It's like travelling back in time'.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this 22?

High above.

Have you ever sat at the edge of a cliff, narrowed your eyes and felt as if you're flying? The Yays apartment is the embodiment of this feeling. Staying here, you will have a unique and unparalleled view of the city. This unique accommodation is what Tribe is all about.

The Crane mentality

The lovely people behind The Yays are passionate about Amsterdam and want their guests to experience the city authentically and as a local. They even have their own app for offering guests a holistic and detailed pocket city guide, with tips and maps to best get to know the city.

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