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Born from the frustration of living in a fast-paced, tech-focused world, Unplugged is an off-grid series of cabins an hour outside of London. They've been created as a way of learning to take a step back, and turn off from the digital world.

Its creation was a result of co-founder Hector taking part in a two-week silent retreat in the Himalayas and seeing the huge benefits both mentally and physically. Unplugged takes inspiration from the Himalayan attitude and modernises it by locking away the phones of visitors for 3 days. This is key to fully switch off and soak up the beautiful surroundings.

The call to nature has always had a healing tone, and Unplugged provides a fantastic opportunity to experience something different. Recharge and relax in the silence of natural surroundings.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Experience

3 nights stay provides ample time to reload. It's perfect for city dwellers whose daily activities are busy and taxing. Read, walk, think and enjoy something a little bit different. Your phone is locked away for the length of your stay (which is always 3 nights), and you're given a chance to take a breath.

The Sustainability

Beautifully designed, Unplugged has put serious thought into the look of these cabins and how they function. They all run on solar power and house an aesthetic that is as relaxing as it is attractive. Expect cosiness and functionality.

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