Vino Houses – Santorini

Santorini, Greece, £170


Quietly located in Finikia Village, Vino Houses offers villas with brilliant views, complete serenity and the captured spirit of Santorini. Each of the villas opens to a balcony overlooking the layered neighbourhood and has been built according to the classical Greek island style, all with their own private hot tub.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Location

Serenely situated on the edge of the Aegean Sea, Vino Houses sits in the heart of some of Santorini’s most beautiful landscape. With views from the villas which pour out onto traditionally vibrant vineyards, you’ll be in undisturbed paradise sitting poolside and staring out towards the idyllic, rolling scenery.

The Clarity

From the crystal-clear pool waters to the crisp white interiors, every single aspect of this property helps to develop an atmosphere of complete clarity for you to enjoy. The wicker and wood furniture are brought to life through their contrast with the gentle blues of the window panels and, in the evening, the whole place is illuminated by a collection of little iron lanterns and beautiful European sunsets.

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