Vivere Suites & Rooms – Arco

Arco, Italy, From £271


Vivere is an elegant and contemporary farmhouse in an old vineyard.

Nestled into the farmland with a sense of drama created by the imposing hills that surround Vivere, you are invited here to embrace both nature, ancient agricultural traditions and modern design.

Guests are welcome to use the romantic veranda overlooking the swimming pool where you can enjoy breakfast or sip on drinks. During cooler evenings guests can sit by the fire and listen to good music in the living room and try the excellent wine and olive oil produced from the surrounding farmland.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Design

The design of the Vivere Suites is bold, crisp, unimposing, yet every bit subtle and sophisticated. Vivere lets the landscapes carved by the glaciers take a Zen-like centre stage, mindfully complementing and respecting the surroundings with a fabulously modernist low-rise build.

The Concept

The inspiration for Vivere came from the desire to blend agricultural spaces with modern luxury, an idea that clashed with the then fashionable comforts offered by modern boutique hotels at the time. Back in 2004, the people behind Vivere created a place for those who are willing to abandon convention and embrace both nature and contemporary design, a now familiar concept.

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