VORA Private Villas – Santorini

Santorini, Greece, From £409


Overlooking the volcano with stunning views of the island’s celebrated sunsets, Vora is a handcrafted new property of private villas carved into caves, cliffs and suspended high above the sea.

Here, in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth sublimely private villas accommodations inspired by the volcanic environment. A private infinitive spa tub with each villa completes a picture that seems as impossible to create as it is perfect to experience.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?


Just imagine feeling the purity of waking with the Santorini sun bursting through the window and your curtain swaying in the light breeze. VORA Private Villas have captured this and bottled it. Drawing from traditional Greek island style and embellishing it with modern touches such as custom-made furniture and a soothing palette of beiges and greys augmented by dark brown wood.

A Pool With A View

In each villa, you will be impressed with the small angular infinity pools that sit within the volcanic terrain. From a front on view, these pools flow effortlessly into the backdrop of the Aegean sea. From a birds-eye-view, which does require a bit of spy work (like you weren't going to anyway), the pools draw the deep blue of the ocean into this hotel.

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