Yor Yak Hostel – Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, From £17


Inspired by ‘Yak’, a Thai temple guardian, and ‘Yeti’, a Himalayan mythical creature, this hostel is the embodiment of a story where these two unlikely companions meet, become friends, and welcome visitors from all over the world to their home in Bangkok.

The hostel’s philosophy is “Live like locals. Stay with friends”. Its exposed walls, sleek woodwork and temple mosaic-coloured Thai silk bring a sense of modern simplicity with a touch of traditional Thai.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

Personal space

Hostels can lack privacy. Yor Yak overcome this problem with their simple yet genius bed design. Each ‘bunk’ is actually a self-contained mini-room. With storage, bed and a curtain. For a peaceful night’s rest.

Poured concrete floors

We love poured concrete. Not only does it give that lovely coolness under foot in a hot city like Bangkok. You can also accessorise it with vibrant rugs, cushions and furniture. Which is exactly what Yor Yak have done. Yes please.

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