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Since 2006, Arjan & Anieke represent a curated collection of personal stories. With their own designs and through collaborations with other (young) designers, they ‘collect’ storytelling designs of which they think deserve to be in the spotlight ánd suit their own signature.

All processes of each product are approached from a designer’s perspective. The distribution of the finished products is arranged by Vij5, after they improve the designs and investigate manufacturing possibilities together with the designers.

The Vij5 collection represents a wide variety of products and styles, yet forms an interesting unity at the same time. The brand has a very personal style and high quality standards. The products are characterized by a minimalist aesthetic and surprising functionality. Correct proportions and a balanced composition; the use of pure, honest materials; clear lines and fine details is what the designs have in common.

What sets Vij5 products apart is the sincere connection and the strong collaboration between its people – curators, designers, manufacturers, and customers.

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