About a Lounge Sofa for Comwel Straight Sofa



HAY was founded in 2002 with the ambition to create contemporary furniture that uses sophisticated industrial manufacturing to satisfy the needs of modern living. Today, this fundamental goal remains our mission: through our commitment to the design and production of furniture, lighting and accessor...SEE BRAND PAGE


The about series is hay’s most versatile furniture series. It began with a chair and blossomed into a series with virtually unlimited potential. With the about series, hee welling has proven that a single strong idea can hold a wealth of development options. Today, the series includes dining and conference chairs, office chairs, bar stools, lounge chairs, tables, a foot stool and, as the latest addition, a sofa, and it is equally perfect for private and public settings. The about series is a true pragmatist, able to blend in or stand out, depending on the task it is assigned. Dramatize the silhouette with heavier upholstery, or opt for more subtle materials and colours. The many colour, upholstery and frame options are a particularly strong feature that allows you to tweak the design without compromising the basic concept. About a lounge sofa is the most recent addition to the about series, but the design has such a natural family likeness that it seems as if it had always been a part of the series. About a lounge sofa is simply two lounge chairs that have been fused together and proportioned to form a harmonious whole. The sofa seats two, and even though about a lounge sofa has an open and welcoming structure it also invites close and intimate meetings with its curvy lines and organic expression.

  • Colour : White – Feets : Natural wood
  • Material : Seat : Hard moulded polyurethane – Cover : Coda 100 fabric – Feets : Solid oak
  • Dimensions : L 150 cm x D 73 cm x H 81 cm – Seat : H 40 cm x D 55 cm
  • Weight : 77 lb
  • Characteristics : 2 seats – Not removable cover