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Alexandria Coe

Alexandria Coe

Alexandria Coe is artist based London. After completing a Masters at Central Saint Martins, she has been establishing herself with (mostly) a stick of charcoal and a pad of paper. The main subject of her work is the female nude. She focuses upon the simplification of the human form, exploring the de...SEE BRAND PAGE


London based Alexandria Coe’s work explores sensuality using intimate subjects to create romantic and bodily focussed pieces. Coe’s work ranges from delicate small artworks using charcoal and cartridge paper, through to large canvas with acrylic and oils. Coe’s unique ability to use negative space with carefully weighted single lines creates minimal pieces that tell stories and ignite emotions. Thanks to this, Coe has become a well-known figure across the London art scene and has amassed a social media following that snaps up artwork often before it’s even reached her store.

Type: Charcoal on cartridge paper Size: A3 Note: This drawing is an original piece (1 of 1). All drawings are very delicate and may have small imperfections. Signed and dated by the artist.