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Sika Design

Sika Design

The name comes from the Sika deer which is light and elegant. The company was established in Horsens, Denmark, where during the war, there was growing unemployment and shortage of raw materials. The production was based on free raw materials, such as straw from the fields after harvest and reeds gat...SEE BRAND PAGE


With the latest collection ICONS, Sika-Design brings new life to old design sketches from significant Danish designers such Arne Jacobsen, Viggo Boesen and Wengler as well Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel. Reissue of designs of Danish pioneers within wicker and rattan furniture. These designers are all significant to the Danish design history with their experimenting and groundbreaking designs. Each in their own way, they performed magic with the sturdy, genius qualities of the beautiful natural material of rattan and wicker. Sika Design has the production capacity, technical know-how and distribution to produce rattan furniture of high quality to markets all over the world.

Brand : Sika Design Designer : Viggo Boesen Colour : Black Material : Rattan Dimensions : W 80 cm x D 80 cm x H 64 cm – Assise : H 25 cm Weight : 33 lb Characteristics : Hand-made Country of Manufacture : Indonesia